Parson – Tabloid reporter who barged into the West Ashling temporary incident room, looking for a story.

 “Trying to pick up some threads about a racehorse betting scam brought Dave and I down to Goodwood. Well, the area around Goodwood actually. That’s when I spotted a few of the local press boys hurrying towards the door of this village hall. I almost drove on, village fetes are not really national interest, but Dave noticed this police sergeant guarding the hall’s doorway. Much more interesting than a village fete, and to cap that, what should come flying down the road but a couple of patrol cars full up with coppers. Well on went the brakes and Dave and I hightailed back to this hall arriving just in time to join the tail of the group of coppers as they were going in. That’s when it got really interesting, because just as this sergeant was about to advise us to, er, go forth and multiply, whom should I spot but Inspector Jackson, Chief Inspector he is now, of the anti-terrorist branch. Well we had a short, and I remember, unfriendly few words with him that frankly made me bloody annoyed. Anyway, having been ordered out and threatened that there would be trouble if I reported anything Dave and I decided it best to leave.

We were just at the top of the steps into the car park when this very smartly dressed plain-clothes gentleman stops us and very politely invites us through to the interview room at the back of the hall.

Now I’ve been about enough to recognize seniority when I see it, and this man had to be near the top of the ATB. I soon learnt that he was Commander Alec Campbell and he was undoubtedly one of the brightest brains they’ve got, and there are some very clever men working in that section of the police force.

Anyway back to our meeting. Unlike Jackson, the Commander was prepared to tell us the whole story about this Red Brigade leader, Murata, who was up to some serious stuff and apparently was holding a woman and her two daughters hostage. Well given the full details, as we were, I couldn’t expose it for fear of what would happen so I agreed to co-operate. I won’t go into the details but it eventually led to the best scoop of my career when the attack took place.

Since then Alec Campbell has kept in touch, nothing unprofessional you understand, just the odd hint. I hear that he’s getting married again soon, his wife died of cancer. He had a photograph of her in his office, beautiful lady, and such a shame. I understand that this new one is an absolute corker too.


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