There is nothing like a real location

One of the great things about actually visiting a location for your plot is that you see the full view, hear the sounds and smell the scents. In ‘Shadows in Sunshine’ a main character watches the sunrise over the Deserta Islands in a blaze of white amongst a flaming orange

Front door decoration in the Rua Santa Maria, Funchal.

Front door decoration in the Rua Santa Maria, Funchal.

sky. At that time of day Funchal is quiet and he can hear the shush of the seas as small waves gently break over the rocks below his hotel and inhale that slightly salt air.
To even get close to describing the scene there is nothing like being there transfixed by the spectacle of it all.

My description of the Yealmstoke Head facility in ‘BATSU’ was based on an actual MoD building and the general site arrangement, though it was not close to the sea. So when Vaughan is moving along walkways in the roof space above the office ceilings it is faithful to an actual building design.
The car chase from Kingsbridge through Modbury and on to my fictitious Yealmstoke Head site is for 99% of the way based on real roads. It would be nice to think that readers of the books visiting the area could actually recognize where the action takes place, and that it enhances their enjoyment. 

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