An important part of an author’s life nowadays is making contact with his or her readership, or indeed readers in general. Strangely enough these events are not a promotional exercise but more a development of a relationship. I have found, during my relatively short writing career, that people are anxious to know how you conceived and developed your characters, and to try and gauge how much of the real you goes into your writing. What life experiences has an author brought to their work? Rarely do book signings present this opportunity, but author talks do and libraries are great places to meet serious readers.

For the author it is also a chance to learn how well received their characters are. Do your readers fear your villains, have they grown fond of your heroes, but most importantly of all Richard V Frankland - Authorhave they gleaned a clear picture in their minds of your characters. For me it is also important to know that my readers believe my plot lines. I try hard to create a plot that is exciting and suspense-filled. I put in a shock or two, but all the time I endeavour to achieve realism.

To readers of all genre I recommend that you keep an eye out for the event posters at your local library, or the author’s own website events page. Whether it is a travel writer, historian or a novelist like myself you may find the meeting with them a pleasant and informative experience. So come along, your authors, especially this one, look forward to meeting you.


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