Shadows in Sunshine to be Published!

Had the good news today that my latest book, ‘Shadows in Sunshine’ has been accepted for publication by Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie. It is the third book in the Ian Vaughan series and picks up his story almost where ‘Batsu’ ended.

Brief Synopsis

On completion of his basic training as a SIS field operative, Vaughan is briefed for his first official operation. His task is apparently simply to monitor a sensitive conference between four North African nations to be held on the island of Madeira, and endeavour to befriend the leader of the conference,Walid alDjebbar. His cover is that of a maritime author updating a pilotage book for the islands of the eastern Atlantic.

The centre of Funchal

The centre of Funchal

As Vaughan sails towards the island, dark forces, intent on wrecking the outcome of the conference, are gathering in Morocco in preparation for a secret landing in Madeira. 

The rescue of a young boy, in trouble sailboarding off the coast of Madeira, brings Vaughan into contact with the boy’s widowed mother and her mysterious Brazilian uncle. Vaughan thinking to use the platonic friendship with Amelia de Lima to support his cover finds himself drawn into her family’s affairs that involve him in uncovering another dark threat.

Bound to maintaining his cover, in order to hide British diplomatic involvement on the island, Vaughan is now faced with two deadly situations, both of which threaten his very survival.


3 thoughts on “Shadows in Sunshine to be Published!

    1. Richard V Frankland Post author

      Thank you, Jean. Just hoping that new readers on Kindle will enjoy it as much as those who have commented on the paperback version. I often get told that the experience is not quite the same.


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