Genre Blend

I started out with plan A. Having taken a couple of long holidays in Madeira (I’m supposed to be retired so long holidays are alright. Right?) I felt that Madeira’s sufferings due to economic downturn and the change in tourist favouritism should be redressed, so I set about writing a thriller that I hoped would bring tourists in greater numbers back to this

Bird of Paradise Flower         (Strelitzia)

Bird of Paradise Flower

beautiful paradise in the Atlantic. I still think that the concept was good, but trying to blend a thriller with beautiful gardens, fantastic scenery and charmingly friendly people has one balancing on two if not three stools at the same time. I tore up plan A.


Plan B was to write a political intrigue with some romance woven in. Having written many pages I finally had to admit that my hero does thrillers and the slower pace did not fit Vaughan’s character. I tore up plan B.


Plan C came to mind, utilising a single plot that would allow Vaughan to enjoy some sightseeing as part of the action. Then came our third long holiday in Madeira and a chance remark from a friend there. Suddenly a second plot appeared and fitted so well with the first it removed the tourist brochure angle, down which I was heading, almost completely. I found it nigh impossible to write pages of glowing description about the wonderful tress, fabulous flowers, and awe inspiring scenery with my hero racing to prevent the worst from happening. I just hope that the little I have said about this idyllic island is enough to encourage readers of ‘Shadows in Sunshine’ to pay it a visit.

Mountainous Madeira

Mountainous Madeira



With such beauty and awesome splender how can anyone resist wanting to see it for themselves.


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