Joys, Fears and Overriding Need – An Author’s Thoughts on Reviews.

Writing is in reality a form of art, and authors worldwide strive to put onto the page words that will form a clear picture in the reader’s mind. Like an artist’s picture an author’s work, when published, is also held up to public scrutiny and comment; that is the true test of their skill.

Taking in the scene

Taking in the scene

Once our book is launched, and promotion copies issued, there follows that period of suspense. At first it is a phone call or email from a friend saying how much they enjoyed the book, but that is not enough, for we seek the stranger’s review, as this has no loyalty of friendship but purely the desire to honestly recommend or slate the work, and herein lies the fear. Does our work, our months, even years of toil achieve our aim, be it to entertain or inform. At the end of a play the audience express their opinion by the level of their applause. A book’s reader applause is measured by constructive reviews, be they good or critical, they inform the author and satisfies our need to know; but silence tells us nothing. Please don’t keep us in the dark.


Do you write book reviews? I would be delighted to know.


5 thoughts on “Joys, Fears and Overriding Need – An Author’s Thoughts on Reviews.

  1. Nancy Loderick

    Hi Richard,

    Interesting post on the author’s perspective of book reviews. I do a lot of book reviews for I love reading and I love writing. When I do my reviews, I make it a point to be specific about what I liked or didn’t like. I also always find something positive to say first , even if I didn’t care for a book.


    1. Richard V Frankland Post author

      Hi nancy,
      I don’t know how the Amazon system works with you reviewing on their behalf, but if your range of genre includes thrillers I would be yes, ‘thrilled’, if you could persuade them to have you review my books. ‘A Cast of Hawks’ has two US reader reviews and I think ‘Batsu’ has one as well, but I do not have the marketing support to promote them properly your side of the pond, which, as you know is essential.
      Glad you like the post. Once I have turned the first publisher edit for ‘Shadows in Sunshine’ around I will get some more thoughts onto the my website. Thank you for taking the time to comment. Take care.


  2. Richard V Frankland Post author

    Hi Nancy,
    I sent the final corrections for ‘Shadows in Sunshine’ back to my published a few weeks ago and have now been informed that they cannot fit in publication until January. I am sure you will appreciate the impact on sales that delay will cause.
    I am now searching for a new publisher or literary agent, and would have liked to have been able to offer a professionally written review. Regarding the above thread, did you ever hear back from Amazon regarding review of my earlier works?
    Best wishes


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