A Big Thank You

Thank you‘ has got to be my most favourite phrase, as it implies that something nice has been done or a service provided. I know that it can also be used in a sarcastic vein, but keeping with the positive, I will keep it at the top of my favourite phrases list.

The reason for my rambling on this subject is my own awareness of the need to  say A BIG THANK YOU to those readers who have taken the trouble to write reviews of my books


A Cast of Hawks CoverBATSU COVER

Having written several reviews of other author’s work, I appreciate the time in consideration and the actual phasing required by the writer. It is, however, a way for the reader to say thank you, and like the tip given to a waiter for good service, is highly appreciated by the receiving author, and this author in particular. It is only by this method that we know that our writings have met the reader’s expectations. If you are puzzled as to where to send them, may I suggest the ‘Good Reads’ or ‘Waterstones’ websites or of course ‘Amazon’. THANK YOU.


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