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Umeko Morohashi – Leiutenant Commander- Special Assault Team. Thoughts on return to duty.

My return to work at Tokyo Headquarters was embarrassing as I was treated as if I were the hero of the hour and not Ian Vaughan. Everyone wanted to know how my shoulder was healed after being shot, and my boss Ishii-san has recommended me for some reward. I keep telling them that my part was so small and that the mysterious Iwaki escaped so the victory was not really complete, but they pay no attention. Ariyoshi-san makes matters worse with his version of events, not mentioning that he was sensibly obeying orders in London whilst I disobeyed orders by allowing myself to become involved at Yealmstoke Head on that terrible day.

I keep in touch with Penny Heathcote and she has told me a little about what has happened to Ian. He text me a couple of times asking how I was, but no more than that. It was from Penny that I heard how bitter his divorce proceedings were, and felt so sorry for him. She told me how much he fears losing contact with his daughters, and that he had to go to court to obtain the right to see them from time to time. Then last week Penny emailed me to tell me her news and tell me about Commodore Campbell’s marriage to Caroline Tucker. She sent some photographs, they look so happy together and she is so beautiful.

Penny also mentioned that Ian’s divorce is through; and I am sat here at my desk with my mobile phone wondering whether he will want to hear from me. I thought that something happened between us, that spark, but I am not sure and as a result I do not know what to do.